Caring for
the Caregiver

It’s not easy taking care of someone you love when they’re suffering from a chronic disease like type 2 diabetes — especially when it’s a member of your own family. It can affect every aspect of your life — financially, physically, and emotionally.

Becoming a caregiver can also affect your relationships with others. A lot of times as a caregiver, you feel like you need to be the strong one — supporting everyone else and never letting yourself show any weakness or vulnerability. You may get so used to taking care of other people that you can’t voice your own needs, and this can have a negative effect on you both mentally and physically.

Fortunately, you’re not alone. At Cuida Tu Don de la Salud (Take Care of Your Gift of Health), we’re here for you. We’ve created a series of articles to give you more information about how to deliver the best care to your loved one — and to yourself.

6 Resources To Help The Helpers